Robotic Accounting

Robotic Accounting promises a future in which humans can engage in useful things, while the robot takes over all the repetitive things. (Here’s how the robot does that) In this blog we are going to discuss where Robotic Accounting can be used and how we are able to do invoice automation using robotics.

28th January 2020 | Blog | Invoice Procesing

Recognition and interpretation of bills

Before a robot can get to work with invoices he must be provided with useful information. This can be done in two different ways:

  • Recognition of paper invoices with OCR-as-a-Service. By reading data from the invoices, the robot starts with collecting the information to automatically process invoices.
  • XML / UBL: This is the best way for the robot to process data. All the data that is accessed in these file formats, allows the robot to code flawlessly/ perfectly.

Invoice processing

Within Onventis Invoice Processing the robot can be used to get data so it can book invoices and, where possible, to match with contracts or purchases. This prevents the administration department from manually linking all the invoices.

Due to the matching for inserting the robot a large advantage can be achieved in time. This allows the administration to deliver more quality with less effort in their daily work.

Letting go 

The only thing that you and your employees have to do? Let it go. Have faith and make sure that you use the time that you save, up to 100% compared to the “old” processing time, optimally with other activities. That might be a big step, letting go, but it will give you a great deal of efficiency.

Getting started with Robotic Accounting

To make use of all of the above does not need new accounting software to be purchased. An add-on to the current package is enough; Onventis Invoice Processing. Read more about the details of Robotic Accounting.

With Onventis Invoice Processing we help our customers to enrich the current financial package. This we have been doing since 1996, helping our customers to get ‘in control’. Of course, we can show you by giving a demonstration. Interested? Click the button below and one of our experts will contact you.

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