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Spend Matters recognizes Onventis in “50 Providers to Watch”

Each year the 50 Providers to Watch list recognizes the fast-rising companies in the procurement and supply chain market. In the 2021 list, Onventis is listed among the “50 Providers to Watch” in the source-to-pay area.

“We are pleased to be named as one of the three S2P providers worldwide on the list. Being featured in 50 to Watch confirms the innovation power of our All-in-One Procurement suite. As a growing SaaS company, we offer procurement and finance departments a fully comprehensive S2P offering specifically geared to SMEs – and have been very successful in doing so,” comments CEO Frank Schmidt on the recognition.

“Never has procurement technology been more front of mind for businesses. With companies heavily scrutinizing their supply chains and bottom lines to protect against volatility, the procurement technology space has in 2021 gained only greater notoriety — from customers and investors alike. In the context of global shocks, innovative new take on what ‘source-to-pay’ includes and an urgent re-evaluation of what businesses should value beyond the balance sheet, we’re pleased to present Spend Matters’ annual ’50 Providers to Know’, ’50 Providers to Watch’ and ‘Future 5’ listees”, explains Spend Matters analyst, Nick Heinzmann.

The listed providers are selected independently by the analysts in several rounds of discussions. Selection factors include aspects such as growth, innovation, technical capabilities and solution delivery. 2021 marks the eighth year of the 50 to Know and 50 to Watch lists, which rank procurement technologies across 10 market sectors including source-to-pay.

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