Customer Reference Video

SGL Carbon runs Onventis

9th April 2024

11:13 - 11:00

SGL Carbon’s Journey to Efficiency with Onventis

In this compelling testimonial, Benjamin Herb from SGL Carbon delves into the transformative journey of their procurement processes amidst the challenging landscapes of modern supply chains. Facing the dual hurdles of maintaining data quality and streamlining operations, SGL Carbon embarked on a mission to overhaul its procurement strategies to achieve peak efficiency. The choice to partner with Onventis, a decision made years ago, was driven by the need for a flexible solution that catered to the unique demands of mid-sized, globally operating companies. Through this partnership, SGL Carbon has realized significant efficiency gains, leveraging Onventis’s e-procurement tools to simplify and digitize the procure-to-pay (P2P) process, making it as user-friendly and innovative as possible. This testimonial highlights Onventis’ visionary approach to accommodating creative and ambitious process improvements. It underscores its role as a vital partner for companies navigating the complexities of global procurement. Discover how SGL Carbon has transformed its procurement operations, setting a new standard for efficiency and innovation in the industry.

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