Onventis Procurement Shop
Provide and manage your customers' operational procurement processes as a service

Efficient Sales instrument

Use e-procurement on the supplier side as a sales tool and expand your trading relationships.

E-Business for the target groupt

You perfectly cover the procurement processes of your industrial customers via the supplier platform.

Gain market shares

Find ready-to-buy customers worldwide through the Onventis network and become a preferred system supplier.

Using Multi-Supplier Catalogs

The trend towards full-product ranges and fewer suppliers is uninterrupted. With Onventis Supplier, you can expand your product range quickly and efficiently by integrating catalogs and shops. Multi-supplier catalogs enable drop shipping as well as supplier-dependent cart splitting.

Selling via Scanners & Machines

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are dominating developments in procurement. As a supplier, you can contribute to digitalization by integrating scanner and vending machine solutions in your Onventis Supplier procurement platform. This connects you to your customers procurement processes for the long term, and is an effective instrument for building customer loyalty.

Become a Procurement Platform

You’ve created a strategic network with cooperation partners, or are planning to expand a procurement platform with complementary and/or competitive suppliers? Onventis Supplier offers the perfect scalable, multi-client e-procurement tools.

Onventis Supplier

Onventis Supplier

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