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Know your suppliers and make progress in sustainability

Strong supplier base

Access over 50,000 suppliers. Find new contacts, select according to relevant criteria and expand your business network.

The right contacts

See all saved contacts of a supplier in one list and network directly. You are automatically notified of new contacts.

View full supplier data

Take over the supplier master data from the network at any time and flexibly add information for your further business relationship.

Find more than 50.000 active suppliers on the Onventis Network

Perfect Fit of Suppliers and Needs

The supplier network search provides information on eCl@ss commodity groups, master data, product and service offerings from all suppliers in the Onventis Network. With the network search, you can search directly from your existing Onventis Buyer e-procurement system, for example, for eCl@ss material groups in the Onventis Network. The search result can be filtered by delivery areas or existing supplier certificates, among other things.

Supplier Information at a Glance

All suppliers connected to the Onventis Network maintain a central profile. The profile always provides accurately maintained as well as up-to-date data. Suppliers can also store extended information there – on integration options, certificates, the product portfolio and much more. You can view the profile at any time and use it as a basis for making an informed decision about who you want to do business with and when.

Manage Supplier Relationships Optimally

Suppliers networked with the Supplier Portal make relevant master data available to you in the Onventis Network. When maintaining business relationships with existing or new network suppliers, you can transfer their supplier master data to your Onventis Buyer e-procurement system with one click.

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