Onventis Supplier Evaluation & Development
Fill in the gaps in your supplier portfolio and connect with new partners

Data-Driven Decisions

With the help of individual supplier questionnaires, Purchasing makes data-driven decisions on suppliers.

Continuous Information

Recurring ratings mean that you always have up-to-date information on suppliers at your disposal.

Detailed Evaluations

Via exports available at any time, it is possible to evaluate all supplier data in detail.

Evaluate Suppliers Specifically

Integrate material group-independent as well as individual evaluation forms into the supplier selection process. These can be freely defined and then contain corresponding criteria that are queried. Suppliers complete the questionnaire as part of the selection process. Purchasing thus has the opportunity to make a well-founded decision for or against a supplier on the basis of automatically collected, quantitative data and the qualitative evaluations of employees. Regular surveys and the ability to export the results also make it possible to constantly analyze supplier relationships and identify and realize potential for improvement.

Onventis Buyer

Onventis Buyer

What costumers say about onventis

With the Onventis e-procurement solutions, we found an easy way to manage our suppliers centrally. In the network, we have a real-time view of data, histories and ratings. This minimizes risks and strengthens the business relationship on the buyside and sellside.

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