The right solution for your end-to-end procurement process

Enhance the effectiveness of your procurement procedures and achieve excellence in the realm of sourcing and procurement. The one solution standing out as the key to effortlessly achieving these objectives is source-to-pay (S2P). By digitizing your operations and seamlessly aligning them with the S2P framework, you can make this vision a reality. This is precisely where the Onventis Buyer solution comes into play, ushering in digitalization to revolutionize your procurement practices and streamline labor-intensive manual tasks.

Onventis Buyer not only eradicates expensive and repetitive procedures within procurement and financial departments, but it also substantially enhances the overall success of your enterprise. The solution aids in the management of operational expenditures, spanning from supplier administration and requests for proposals (RFPs) to contract and procurement management, invoice handling, travel expense reporting, and even spend analysis. Doing so creates an efficient and digital procurement landscape that takes your business toward higher productivity and stringent cost management.

The advantages of the Onventis Buyer solution at a glance:

  • Reduce costs while increasing process efficiency
  • Minimize risks and secure supply
  • Create transparency throughout the entire procurement process
  • Ensure compliance and prevent maverick buying
  • Boost employee satisfaction

Our cloud-based applications revolutionize everyday purchasing by automating strategic, tactical, and operational procurement tasks. Invoice processing is made more efficient through robotic postings and account assignments, while spend analysis relies on artificial intelligence to provide you with valuable insights. With Onventis Buyer, your purchasing processes are consistently optimized, while you can closely integrate your suppliers into the procurement process. The digitization and automation of processes enable you to gain more time for strategic tasks and increase quality in purchasing. At the same time, you sustainably reduce your process costs and thus create a more efficient and competitive purchasing structure.

Download our whitepaper now to learn more about Onventis Buyer and get to know our solution & all its possibilities in more detail. We would also be happy to explain the benefits of Onventis to you in a personal live demo – where we will show you our holistic procurement platform and the modules that are of particular interest to you. We accommodate your individual requirements and evaluate together with you the best solutions to meet your company’s purchasing challenges.

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Onventis Buyer

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