Customers of Onventis can now receive e-Invoices directly through the Peppol network. Through its own eInvoicing service Onventis enables its customers to receive and process almost all types of eInvoices in our Onventis Invoice Processing module.

eInvoices can also come in via the peppol-network

E-invoicing is not exclusively a service of Onventis. Achieving as much value and success as possible depends on the number of suppliers that use e-invoicing. In order to offer its customers as much value as possible immediately, Onventis has made it possible to connect its customers to the Peppol network.
Previously, the Peppol network was mainly known as a solution for invoicing to governmental organisations (B2G) because of the e-invoicing obligation. However, this is a thing of the past as the benefits are enormous. Many private companies see the advantages of this network effect. They follow the same process and also connect to the Peppol network. The network is therefore growing considerably and will become increasingly popular in the B2B market. The great advantage of this international network is that once an organisation is connected, e-invoices can be exchanged with all the other connected organisations. The Peppol network is internationally regarded as the standard network for e-invoicing.

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