Onventis e-Invoicing Service: Peppol Interface

Electronic invoicing is becoming increasingly important. This is accompanied by certain standards and specifications. Since April 2020, it is mandatory for all European governments and ministries to be able to receive electronic invoices via Peppol. Peppol is an invoice infrastructure where invoice senders and receivers can exchange e-Invoices through a unique ID.

The Onventis e-Invoicing Service offers a Peppol connectivity that enables companies to receive electronic e-Invoices via the Peppol network. Onventis operates as an access point and the used technology is certified by governments in all four Peppol territories – the EU, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

The Onventis 4-Corner-Model

The 4-corner model describes the technical implementation of file transfers within the Peppol network.

Corner 1 represents the Supplier and corner 4 the Buyer. E-Invoice recipients and senders must be registered within the network and will be stored in a huge database. There is only one of these databases in the entire Peppol network and it is operated centrally by the Peppol organisation.

To send an eInvoice via Peppol, the Supplier (Corner 1) must have access to an Access Point Sender (Corner 2). When sending the e-Invoice, the Supplier now provides the Buyer’s participant ID. Using this ID, the Access Point Sender uses the Peppol network to send the document to the Access Point Receiver (Corner 3).

Once approved by the Access Point Receiver, after some compatibility checks and upon confirmation of other specific data, the Access Point Sender can now access the recipient’s specific Access Point Receiver. This makes the e-Invoice available to the Buyer (Corner 4).

To ensure that exchanges in the Peppol network proceed in a standardised manner, communication is implemented using the so-called BIS (Business Interoperability Specification). This defines a clear standard for the exchange of documents within the network.

Additional Options For Invoice Processing by Onventis

The benefits of eInvoices are enormous. Despite the fact that many countries have embraced Peppol as their standard e-Invoicing network, many countries are not as far along and are exploring the possibilities. In addition, a number of countries like Germany, Switzerland and France, supports also a hybrid e-Invoice format such as ZUGFeRD PDF and Factur-X PDF. These hybrid e-Invoices are not supported by Peppol.

To offer customers the maximum in automated invoice processing, Onventis supports also the SMTP (E-mail) protocol. This means that a supplier can also send an E-mail with the e-Invoice as an attachment. Onventis Invoice Processing then automatically ensures that these e-Invoices, including the data from the hybrid e-Invoice, are correctly imported. Supported formats as an E-mail attachment are ZUGFeRD PDF, Factur-X PDF and UBL-XML e-Invoices.


Our e-procurement experts present you the Onventis All-in-One procurement network.

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