Medpets saves over 65% in time through automated Invoice Processing

Medpets is the online shop for your pet’s health that exists for over 15 years. In recent years, Medpets has experienced substantial growth, leading to an increase in the number of purchase invoices. This growth prompted the need to automate the invoice processing, and according to Samantha de Vries, financial administrative employee at Medpets, they have succeeded: “I save more than 65% of my workweek by using Onventis. With the click of a button, invoices are now reviewed and sent to the right person. It’s incredibly convenient and time-saving!”

The challenge

Before using Onventis, Medpets utilized simple invoice processing software combined with outdated accounting software. Due to their growth, this combination was no longer sufficient. De Vries explains, “The software only extracted information about the supplier mentioned on the invoice. This meant that I had to perform many manual checks in Excel. We receive invoices with up to 40 pages, so it was taking too much time.”

The solution

Medpets decided to find a solution for invoice processing, and after a comprehensive selection process, Onventis emerged as the best choice for the growing webshop. The decisive factors were:

  1. Recognition at the line-item level, crucial for invoices with multiple pages.
  2. Extensive matching capabilities at the line-item level.
  3. Scalability of the solution.
  4. Comprehensive integration possibilities with accounting software and Warehouse Management Software.

“Onventis’ modular and scalable invoice processing software is ideal for growing webshops,” says De Vries. “The software is modular and grows with the company. You can start as small as you want. Additionally, Onventis integrates with Sherpa, the Warehouse Management Software we use.”

Honest communication during implementation

“What was greatly appreciated was Onventis’ transparency and honesty during the implementation,” continues De Vries. “Aligning expectations is crucial. We had quite advanced requirements, and even though Onventis rarely had to say ‘no,’ they were honest if something couldn’t be done. It’s great to work with a company that doesn’t promise what they can’t deliver.”

The benefits

De Vries and her colleagues now work with Onventis daily, and it’s a positive experience: “The software is very user-friendly. You can also request information from a colleague within the system, rather than through email. It makes everything very clear and organized. Differences also come to light much more often than before. We notice that we can request credit invoices much more frequently, directly from Onventis, resulting in significantly more reimbursements,” says De Vries.

Medpets has created a list of the 20 key suppliers. Invoices from these suppliers are automatically reviewed per line(!) and matched with the order in the WMS (Sherpa). Onventis imports the invoice, and the OCR As-a-Service reads all information at the header and line-item levels. The invoice robot then matches all invoice lines with the order and receipt lines from the WMS (Sherpa). Fully matched invoices or discrepancies within allowed tolerances are then automatically forwarded to Exact Online, the new accounting software that Medpets now uses and has integrated with Onventis. In addition to purchase invoices, expense invoices are also processed in Onventis. Thanks to Onventis’ connectivity, invoice processing is now an automated process: from purchase to pay.

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