Meet ‘Onventis’ the seal!

Onventis is always looking for opportunities to support the planet and recently we were also officially recognized as climate-neutral. Part of our business is that we are supporting our customers to streamline their processes and go paperless with our S2P-solutions.

But this doesn’t mean we stop there. Not too long ago we have adopted a seal from Ecomare (which is a sea animal shelter in the north of the Netherlands).

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8th February 2022 | Blog

A while ago we shared already the news that we as Onventis are a climate neutral company. We are doing so by for example turning our car fleet green.

Still we felt that this wasn’t enough. In Germany we are supporting a local bee colony by donating to a local bee keeper.


Onventis was found at end of January on the shores of Texel – attacked by a dog. Her mother fled into the ocean, abandoning her while not being able to take care of herself yet.

That is why she was rescued by Ecomare. In the coming months she will recover there so that she can fully recover and be set free again soon.

Stichting Texels Museum is a customer of Onventis and together with them we saw the opportunity to support them by adopting this baby seal and calling her ‘Onventis’. With the adoption we are taking care of e.g. food, health care and shelter.

By doing so we are supporting Stichting Texels Museum which their procurement activities and they are helping us by taking care of the biodiversity in the North Sea.


Ecomare is the centre for the Wadden Sea and North Sea on the North Holland island of Texel. It combines care for seals and birds with a nature museum and sea aquarium. Fifteen seals are kept there permanently. Due to the versatility of the centre, visitors to Ecomare get a comprehensive picture of the nature of the Wadden Sea and North Sea. In addition, Ecomare organises active outdoor programmes and excursions for schools and tourists in the Texel countryside, along the beach and on the mud flats.

Go to the website of Ecomare

Stichting Texels Museum

Four museums on Texel, Ecomare, Museum Kaap Skil, Lighthouse Texel and the Oudheidkamer, work together under the administrative umbrella of the Stichting Texels Museum. The foundation is named after the Texels Museum, which became famous in the middle of the last century thanks to the efforts of Mr and Mrs de Haan. In addition to the nature museum in the Dennen, the Maritime and Beachcombing Museum in Oudeschild and the Oudheidkamer in Den Burg were also established under the leadership of Gerrit de Haan.

Go to the website of the Stichting Texels Museum

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