B2B customers buy where their procurement processes are optimally served. Through automated order processing (EDI), suppliers integrate efficiently into the procurement processes of Onventis Buyer Systems – without inconvenient system breaks.

High Process Automation

The electronic exchange of business transactions between buy-side and sell-side ensures transparency and improved collaboration among business partners.

Cross-Industry Standard

Use of the cross-industry openTRANS standard for the exchange of business data and the processing of business transactions replaces classic paper documents.

Full View of Receipts

Electronic document data exchange reduces the effort of multiple entries, incompatibilities and provides a central document overview.

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

For the electronic data interchange (EDI) of orders, order changes, order confirmations, delivery bills and invoices the openTRANS standard is offered. In addition, conversions of openTRANS documents into other formats such as EDIFACT, xCBL, cXML, SAP iDoc or CSV are possible. For the document data exchange, the protocols http/s and FTP are supported in addition to e-mail transmission.


Onventis Supplier

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